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Traceability and Visibility

Visibility of the assets of your online operation.

Control your

Control alerts for critical processes.


All stakeholders are informed, connected, and coordinated.

Safety for staff

Reduces exposure in risky environments.

Operational productivity

More time in valuable activities.

It helps our mining clients track their end products, minimizing losses and time spent on logistics and increasing customer process reliability and delivery compliance.

Increase your productivity

and eliminate the need for more visibility in your mining product process.

Simply the management of your current processes

and decision-making by monitoring the process from creation to delivery to the end customer.l.

Sulfuric acid
Sludge/ Anodic sludge


Alerts, Reports, Queries, Indicators, Statistics, Findings, APIS and More.

The implementation of our projects uses agile methodologies to deliver value early.

 Multi-area Software

Plant production

Manage all production records for both cathodes and concentrates, capturing data in the field and allowing it to be characterized automatically in terms of weighing, batching, QE identification, and more.


It integrates chemical quality results from laboratory systems (LIMS). It generates physical quality validations and inspections with mobile phones in the field, with the possibility of taking photographs and accelerating the process with pre-established observations.

Logistics and sales

Implement a global sales and logistics program with an intuitive interface for monitoring, with stock tracking by location and quality.

Management problems of products.

Large margin of error

by manual registration or in isolated systems, data transfer in Excel spreadsheets.

Waste of time

in searching and consolidating information for management, reportability, or audits.

Poor visibility

of stock by locations and states.


due to late information and poor data quality.

Low Productivity

due to the high number of manual tasks.

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Get full visibility

Have your finished product in a single management dashboard with views at both the corporate level and by individual operation.

Complete Traceability

Trace your entire process and consult information about your batches, dispatch data, inventory, and shipping.Traza todo tu proceso y consulta información de tus lotes, datos de despacho, inventario, embarque, entre otros.


Web application installed in the cloud or locally has integration APIs to connect with any ERP, process, logistics, LIMS, and IOT systems.

We are integrated to the mining ecosystem applications.

Proben in mining
#1 in Chile
+11 years in mining
We know the mining processes

What have we achieved?


Million tons


Billion dollars in products


More productivity in staff


Paper reduction

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